Thank you Eckhart Tolle for sharing our information with everyone at your retreat in Norway in 2016 – We have now changed the name of this to – The Presence Project

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Connection between the persecution of women and capitalism?

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A fascinating article about the book called ‘Caliban and the Witch’, where links between the persecution of women (witches) and the rise of capitalism are explained. Towards the end of…

Natural Homes

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A super inspirational article on ‘The Natural Homes’ Website featuring buildings and builders in the natural homes movement. Across continents some incredible stories of real people and how they have built…

Farming For Mother Nature (lecture by Paul Kaiser of Singing Frogs Farm)

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Tillage is one of the oldest tenets of agriculture. It can be difficult to imagine breaking away from such a deep-seated practice, but what if we did? Join Paul Kaiser…

Farmers Almanac – À … BORDA D’ÁGUA – Portugal

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A useful link describing when to sow seeds throughout the year – Portugal:  

Our vision – It takes a village, It takes a community…

We crave a new kind of life. We don’t want to go backwards AND we don’t want to live life in a BOX anymore. We don’t want to live away from other people, in isolation without  being able to both give and receive support and nurturing. We don’t want to be driven by ideals and goals that don’t serve our inner soul, that just feed a machine that doesn’t have our interests at heart. We don’t want to disrespect and exploit the planet needlessly and unconsciously anymore.

We want to be healthy, bright, joyful, forward thinking, conscious, work with the planet, with each other, in love, in light, in tune with ourselves. We want to help others. We want something new. We want to use the resources we already have, the new technology, the new knowledge in the world to make living in a communal way something completely new whilst drawing on all the wisdom we have ceremoniously dumped in the centuries preceding us… Many of us are on the edge… fighting to stay sane in the endless drudge of survival, bombarded by constant remainders in the media of who we should be, what we should worry about and what we should want for our life. NO MORE.

This website is a resource for people to share ideas and collaborate. We hope this will make it possible for people to connect and form communities!

Click here to register and add your profile information (only viewable by a registered member). Once your account is approved it will be possible for you to post news items (of anything you want to share, which you can categorise to make it searchable) directly to the site.

We are planning to collectively create a community. A community that has presence and consciousness at it’s core. This community is starting here with this website. A joining together of hearts and minds over the ether – because that is possible now. As we join our hearts and minds together here our hope is that we will move forward into a real world community that can do all the things that a virtual one can’t! Those that are ready, can jump in and be the founding members on the land. Those that are still in the universal soup can watch and give support from wherever they are!  And we wish to belong more to the land than the land belong to us. We plan that that land will be there for others who wish to join us either permanently or for a shorter time. That other families (whatever size) who need to reset can come and do that. That we can build a centre where healing, learning, celebration, art, music, amazing food, ecology, sustainability, nature loving, meditation etc…etc…etc… can happen.

This we are called to do deeply in our hearts. It pulls us. Like a magnet. It’s both hard and easy. Mostly we are just willing to see what happens. To put one foot in front of the other. To trust. To believe. That as we listen to our inner dreams, the stirrings of our soul, we will find our way and fall on our feet! So far it’s amazing what and who we have found. We keep going. And we will keep you posted. We invite you warmly to join us in whatever way you can. We are all in this together.

We are wishing to share our journey with other communities on the same path so that we may all learn from one another. We feel that making strong connections with all those on a similar path will give this movement towards conscious living an amazing foundation.

Please connect with us if you want to live with us, or want to set up your own community or even if you have things you’d like to share with us.

Send messages to: and let us know how you want to connect with us, whether you would like to receive email updates etc…

The concept of eco-villages and conscious communities is a growing in interest in many people. There are some inspiring examples to look at already. We have contacted and visited various groups in Spain and we have a Facebook group with 77 people who are interested – some are more ready to commit to taking action than others, but hopefully as we begin to create this reality we will inspire other to take action.

Here are some videos to show some things that have been created already. There are already some amazing possibilities out there but we have the inspiration to create something together that is more fundamentally aligned with the purity and simplicity of the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. I know that if we can maintain enough presence between us, everything else will fall into place. We are ready for the change – please join us if you are ready too!

*We are also looking for other contributors and administrators for this website *